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July 27, 2004

Lie to me.

Somebody tell me this is a sick joke.

Posted by Dan at July 27, 2004 09:03 PM

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Sean Connery was better. This should be a points challenge. The next James Bond. I'll go with Mike Myers or Johnny Depp. hehe

Posted by: Ralph at July 27, 2004 09:14 PM

I did think Brosnan did a fantastic job as Bond. I would be very interested to see how Ewan McGregor fared in the role, because that man is genius. However, I'm not sure he's quite right. The man certainly is charismatic and can be quite suave, but there's an energy to him--a mischievousness--that I'm just not sure would play right in the role. And if he played it too straight, more like Brosnan has done, then I frankly wouldn't like that at all. He needs to be able to let loose with his energy or else you're just wasting his talent.

I don't have much authority on this subject, though, as I've only seen the Brosnan Bond movies.

Posted by: Joel Caris at July 28, 2004 05:39 AM

I thought about making this a points deal, but there really isn't anybody out there that fits the Bond look and feel. The wife and I figured there's probably some Brit actor out there we haven't heard of yet.

People say Depp because, frankly, he can play anything, but still doesn't FEEL the part. For instance, people knew they wanted Brosnan years before he ever played JB.

Posted by: Big Dan at July 28, 2004 07:54 AM

I agree, there doesn't seem to be an heir apparent to this role like Brosnan was. I hope we don't get another Roger Moore. John Travolta would be good if he could do an English accent which I doubt he can. Hugh Grant doesn't quite fit.

Posted by: Ralph at July 28, 2004 09:31 AM

I vote for Chris North (Mr. Big from "Sex and the City"). I think he could totally pull it off. And even if he couldn't, I pay to watch him on the big screen for 90 minutes.

Give me points.

Posted by: Rosemary's Baby at July 28, 2004 09:42 AM


I thought YOU were the one who said "no points for bad grammar."

I agree with Ralph.

No points for him, either.

Posted by: Big Dan at July 28, 2004 09:50 AM

That wasn't bad grammar, that was a typographical error.

Posted by: Rosemary's Baby at July 28, 2004 10:33 AM

Connery is my favorite Bond with Brosnan coming in a close second.

I think Jackman could pull off the tough guy side of Bond but would fall short in the suave, charismatic side.

I don't see Depp as Bond. He's a great actor but no way is he Bond.

It will be interesting to see who gets the part.

Posted by: Cindy Preston at July 28, 2004 12:28 PM

My GF and I have had a very long conversation on this topic. Two points:

First, the next bond should be Colin Firth. He's got the acting chops and, like Keaton in Batman, it's not so obvious (or, at least, a departure from his earlier roles). Ioan Gruffudd (Horatio Hornblower, Lancelot in "King Arthur," Reed in the upcoming Fantastic Four and lots more) might also be good but he's a tad young for the role (Only 30 as of this post). If Rupert Everett wasn't openly gay he'd be an obvious choice but he is and it won't happen(β€œIt's not true,” says Everett. β€œI'd like to play James Bond, but straight. It won't happen because Bond fans would burn down MGM if the studios got a gay actor to play James Bond.").

Second, if Hugh Grant is tapped to play Bond, someone needs to die ... twice.

Posted by: Jheka at July 28, 2004 12:39 PM

I thought about Colin Firth, too. I thought he was a little on the small side for the generally tall, imposing Bond. Response?

Posted by: Big Dan at July 28, 2004 05:11 PM

By the by, Fantastic Four is positioning itself to be the first Marvel bomb in a long time (at least since The Punisher).

The cast is not what I'd call eye-catching, and there's something inherently wrong about making Jessica "Honey" Alba the Invisible Girl. Being a visible hottie is about the sum of what she has going for her these days in the acting realm.

Posted by: Big Dan at July 28, 2004 05:15 PM

Big Dan:

You cannot discuss Marvel bombs without mentioning Daredevil. The worst part is, Kingpin is (or should have been) a terrific Spiderman villain and now they've gone and removed his card from the deck. Luckily, Spidey has plenty to work with and, if & when they get to Kingpin, the Afleck disaster that was Daredevil might be nothing more than a dim, unpleasant memory.

Here's hoping that, from now on, Ben sticks to poker and Democratic fundraisers and stops butchering perfectly good characters (Jack Ryan, Daredevil, etc.).

Posted by: Jheka at July 28, 2004 06:23 PM

But... but... he's so dreamy...

Posted by: Big Dan at July 28, 2004 10:04 PM

"Honey" really makes me want to disown Alba, who I have otherwise adored (and lusted for. Oh yes, there is serious lust in my heart for Alba.), especially in Dark Angel. She's a Mamet/Macey (as in William H.) protege, which few people know, and they say that with a good script she's brilliant. Unfortunately I think she's cursed with the "you're hot so you'll play all the crappy, hot roles". If she were anything but American (young hotties from other countries like Kate Winslet come to mind, who got great parts in her early days) she'd be getting better roles, but the US sticks its pretty young things in "Honey" and other dumb flicks.


Posted by: The Chairman at July 30, 2004 08:34 AM

Chairman isn't the uber-hot Kirsten Dunst American? Christina Ricci consistantly takes smart roles. Julianne Moore and Chloe Sevigny don't take dumb roles. Reese Witherspoon has had great roles. Nah. Alba is responsible for Alba.

Posted by: Jheka at August 2, 2004 08:05 PM

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