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October 29, 2004

Brain candy by guest poet Mr. E.

Baghdad, 4 October, 2003
by Mr. E. Poet

Note: This is my attempt to deal with some of the ambivalence I am dealing with regarding the current occupation in Iraq. This is not to say that I disagree with the action taken there. But it is of some value to look at the other point of view.

Rockets flew above my head
And thunder followed on their heels.
Fear has long ago been replaced by
Acceptance of what is, and is to come.

“If only,” I thought, as the night closed in,
A warm, dark blanket of night falling
On my shoulders, calling me to rest.
“If only those fellows had CNN,
Or someone to tell them we have already won.”

But, in a quiet moment,
In the still of the night,
A question comes to mind.

How would I feel if it were my land
And I were the one who had lived through the lies?
How would I feel, with the tanks on my streets
And my churches in ruins in front of my eyes?

Night resolves to morning,

and the thermonuclear blossom

brings another day,

full of the promises

of a brighter future.

But I have heard promises in abundance

Of food, and of safety,

And of better lives for my sons.

A man with many guns once said

he had the better way.

Then a man with 2 sons, with many guns

imposed on us his way.

Now many men with guns in hands

have claimed they know the way

What is the way?

Who knows the way?

Is there a way?

For many months they have been here

And will stay for many more.

They have taken

The splendid palaces

And the vineyards have gone to waste.

While in my city

My father’s land

I cannot roam as I please.

Men with rifles,

Men with tanks

Ask for my papers daily.

They offer work, and offer pay

But the work is to fix

That which they destroyed.

They offer water

And electricity

Which we had before they arrived.

And what is this Democracy?

What is this Federalism?

I am a man, and a simple man.

All whom I know are simple men.

Who are we to choose

How our nation will be led?

There will come a day when I must choose.

Already I have been asked.

I have delayed for now, but soon enough

My sons will be asked as well.

Where will my allegiance stand?

Whom will I believe?

For it has been so long

Since I have believed


Day follows night, and night follows day.
Man builds one home, and destroys another,
And each man,
Sure in his heart that he abides
In the Shadow of the Almighty
Continues his Jihad/Crusade.

There is nothing new
Under the sun.

Posted by Dan at October 29, 2004 04:54 PM

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