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October 28, 2004

Instant survey

I thought we'd all take a moment from our busy days to reflect on Popping Culture now that the first Culture Mavens contest is drawing to a close. (Remember the 300 point "six diseases" contest below that finishes up Friday).

I originally intended this site to include random happenings in the world of popular culture, opinion polls, the contests, and longish reflections on my own loves in film, art, literature and the like.

With school in (I drive 4 hours to school every week, stay three days, and head back to a local full time job), I am too busy for lengthy discourse. I do, however, graduate in May, when I can put my efforts back into Popping Culture as they should be.

In the meantime, since I have maybe an hour tops each day, I thought we might be able to focus. Would you prefer culture over Britney Spears sightings? Would you rather keep up the artistic eye candy or concentrate on the latest movie releases? Do the top ten book lists do anything for you? Would you like to see guest bloggers give opinions on the top topics?

I am very happy with the way this first half-year or so of Popping Culture has gone and I cherish my regular visitors, those who speak and those who just read and reflect. I won't be able to do a big traffic push until after graduation in May, though, so it might be nice to tailor our efforts to the regular attendees.

That said, reflect on!

Posted by Dan at October 28, 2004 03:13 PM

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I'll probably hit you up with more thoughts later, but a quick couple of opinions:

Give me culture. That's not to say that I don't want any fluffy pop culture, because that's always fun. But I can get that anywhere. So give me culture, as well. I like the eye candy, even if I don't usually comment on it. Don't get rid of it.

Book lists are always good. Anything about books is good. I wouldn't mind seeing more reviews on the site and I definitely support guest bloggers. Hell, I would probably be interested in contributing to the site once in awhile if you would have me.

You know, I read The Alchemist and loved it thanks to your review here. I hadn't even heard of the book beforehand. I bumped Dead Like Me to the top of my Netflix queue (though it was already in it) thanks to your fawning. And I loved it--absolutely loved the show. Can't wait for season two to hit on DVD. (How is it so far, anyway?)

I love it when I'm introduced to new art, so I would love to see reviews and recommendations on the site, both from you and any guest bloggers who might be interested.

So there are my initial, off the top of my head thoughts.

Posted by: Joel Caris at October 28, 2004 04:43 PM

Many thanks for the excellent site Dan. When you have more time, more "candy" posts. Love em'. Love the contests. Does Big Dan have a mean steak in him at all? If so, some biting criticism and mockery of popping culture run amok would be prime territory.

Posted by: Ralph at October 28, 2004 07:06 PM


Dead Like Me season two is fantastic. It got off to a bumpy start but about halfway through got back to it's outstanding precedent.

I meant to recap each episode, but time constrains have constrained.. still, graduation is much less than a year away.

Posted by: Big Dan at October 28, 2004 08:53 PM

You should see the stack of book lists I have a home. It's pretty disgusting. I think it's my second favorite hobby behind collecting actual books. So, to answer your question, the more book lists the better. The more about culture the better--that isn't to say I'm not a fan of the pop culture posts from time to time, but I'm all about boosting my pretentious snobbery quotient. ;)

I'd also love to read reviews and opinions on art the topics referenced in the post above from you and other guest poster as well (but woe betide you if you give young Mr. Caris too free a hand; a crafty little man of questionable morality he is).

To sum up: book lists, yes. Britney, no. Reviews, yes. Joel, at your own peril.

Posted by: Nathan at October 29, 2004 03:51 PM

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