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October 05, 2004

Superpowers contest results and points update!


All in One!

Remember, each comment I reacted to in a positive way gets 25 points. Please note that some points were withheld, not because the entry wasn't creative or funny, but because the power named was actually useful. Here are the results, broken down by entrant:

*The psychic ability to spot people wearing boxer shorts.
*Lugggage always comes out first from baggage claim at the airport.
*Can shape shift his face into standard emoticons.
Total: 75 points

Mr. E.:
*Along with his sidekick, Immovable Boy, who has the power to stand still for relatively long periods of time for someone of his age, they fight a relentless battle against their arch nemesis, that nefarious nogoodnik, The Rake, and his feindish plot to capture the fallen leaves of innocent citizens.
*The Sloth, who moves slower than the eye can follow.
*Muppet Master - He can control the movements and speech of anyone, but he has to be able to get his hand under the back of their shirt.
*Terpsichore - She is a pretty good dancer, but an evil pretty good dancer.
Total: 100 points

Dean Esmay:
*Air Guitar Girl: Can wiggle her fingers and make noises with her throat to uncannily mimick the playing styles of any prominent rock guitarist of the last 35 years.
*The Smoke Detector: can not only instantly detect the smell of tobacco smoke lit within 50 meters, but can identify the brand and variety purely by smell.
*Also there's Mildew Boy, who has an incredible ability to converse with mold.
Total: 75 points (which doubles his points total!)

*Bookworm Boy: The super-heroic ability to ignore the crises around him as he reads.
*The Tearjerker: Has a George Costanza-like ability to out-pathos anyone else in the room.
*oViT: Erases all the good stuff you have saved on your TiVo.
Total: 75 points

Joel Caris:
*The Cheese Slicer - The ability to cut perfectly even cheese slices.
*The Bovine Diviner - The ability to read cows’ thoughts.
*Mr. Munchies – The ability to detect junk food from a distance of 100 meters without use of any of his five senses.
*Monkey Master – The ability to make any monkey within one mile dance.
Total: 100 points

Alex D.:
*Captain Black -- He has the ability to make everything black. His theme song is "Paint It Black."
*The Amazing Crack -- Nobody's sure if he's for real. All we know is that if you step on a crack in a sidewalk and hear "ouch!" you've found him.
*Homeless Girl -- She's an expert at, well, nobody knows besides simply being a homeless bum. She just follows the Justice League around making rude comments about how they haven't helped HER.
*The Amazing Automated Independent Full-time Random List Generator -- He can fire off lists of different things at will. The problem is that he never stops, and you can't control what the list is about.
Total: 100 points

The current points race, which ends on Halloween evening with the awarding of a Barnes and Noble gift certificate, is posted up to this minute in the sidebar.

As you might expect, October will be filled with huge scoring opportunities, so everyone is still in it! Next contest coming soon!

P.S.: Any concerns about the scoring process can be sent to me directly, via the post office on Fairy Tale Island.

Posted by Dan at October 5, 2004 07:57 AM

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In your face, everyone who didn't get points! Boo yeah! Go folkbum, it's your birthday! Three-peat!

Posted by: folkbum at October 5, 2004 10:12 PM

Well, with the points race heating up, several of the contests in the next three weeks will only allow for one winner.

Enjoy it while you can.

Posted by: Big Dan at October 6, 2004 07:18 AM

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