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December 10, 2004

They're Coming to Get You, Barbara.

There are certain joys in life that can only be experienced if you're willing to risk 90-120 minutes of your life at a time. I refer, of course, to the sheer, unmitigated pleasure of stumbling across a truly bad horror movie.

In college, my buddy Keith and I would scavenge video rental stores for their worst horror flicks (I swear we watched From Beyond a dozen times - oh, the stories I could tell about huge, stereotypical black men and pineal glands. Keith OWNED a copy of the Chuck Norris classic Silent Rage. Good times. What were we gonna do, go to class?).

Some were better than others. All of them were good for a laugh. A few gems could be remember by individual scenes (such as being embalmed alive in one memorable, Oscar-worthy moment or any of the half-dozen alien impregnation scenes). What made them so much fun was that we knew what we were getting into with our $2/7 night rental, knew what to expect and honestly enjoyed the occasional jump-out-of-your-socks moment.

I say all that to introduce a HUGE discovery by Popping Culture for fans of the B horror flick: They're Coming to Get You, Barbara. Finally, horror fans, who are just like us, have sorted through literally HUNDREDS of second- and third-rate special effects disasters and provided in-depth reviews for each.

It sounds funny to say, but there are some bad horror films out there that aren't worth viewing. Let They're Coming to Get You, Barbara help! New reviews every Monday.


Posted by Dan at December 10, 2004 09:31 AM

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