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January 12, 2005

Cancer is dumb and I hate it.

Well, I guess that pretty much goes without saying.

Still, today was the most frustrating day since the diagnosis. I drove, or more specifically, Mrs. Popping Culture drove, the hour and a half to Cleveland bright and early this morning for a biopsy. Except it wasn't bright, it was a driving rain virtually the entire way up. Better than ice, I guess.

We got in and the nurse came to start the IV. Four needle sticks later and we were still mining for blood. Fine. Me strong like ox. Me take pain.

Finally (and remember this is all in hyper-decelerated hospital time) it was time for me to stand up out of my chair and walk over to the surgical room. I said, stand up out of my chair.... Mr. Champion? Are you ok?

"Pale" was the word the nurse used. "About to pass out on the cold, hard tile, teeth first." would have been more accurate. It turns out that not eating before surgery, plus losing the better part of 100 pounds in a year, plus taking piles of blood pressure meds, plus not having fluids can make you a bit woozy.

My blood pressure was 70 over 50. That's low. So was I. No biopsy. No determination of type of cancer growths in my chest, then chemotherapy.

Instead I spent the day in the emergency room. They're going to have to reschedule the biopsy.

Until then, presumably, the cancer continues to spread and grow uncontested and I get to pay another huge hospital bill. At least I had stinkin' soy milk to come home to!


Whew. That felt good. Very tired now. Thank you for your thoughts and support surrounding the biopsy. Sorry I didn't have a place to use them. I am sure the fun, lighthearted, pastoral Dan will be back after a night's sleep.

Or a series of brutal murders.

Posted by Dan at January 12, 2005 07:14 PM

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