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January 31, 2005

Reason to Live #177

Video game geek alert.

X-Box Next, the second generation version of Microsoft's X-Box, is scheduled for an Autumn 2005 release. It'll be hitting the shelves in three forms: a unit without a hard drive (if you're pinching pennies), a unit with a hard drive, and a unit that also serves as a fully-functioning PC.

I own all three of the big consoles (Gamecube, Playstation 2, and X-Box) and while there are games on the other two consoles I wouldn't trade for anything, the X-Box has the best and most consistently good games on the market.

Rumor has it the games for X-Box Next will come on iPod-type cartridges, not CDs, which means no backward-compatibility.

Still, you can't argue with the power the machine will have. Take a gander at these screen stills from X-Box Next games:



Posted by Dan at January 31, 2005 04:29 PM

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Whoooo Yeah! Reason to live! Talk about game.. talk about action... You should be a salesman!

Posted by: Cam at January 31, 2005 04:49 PM

Whoa! I thought those were real photos...then I did the reading. I may be getting an X-box soon.

Posted by: Alex D. at January 31, 2005 08:56 PM

Mmmm, I love videogames. I'm so looking forward to the next Xbox. I must say, though, that I'm a little skeptical of some of the information in that article. Particularly the part about Microsoft coming out with a PC version of the console, especially considering how intent they were on making sure no one thought of the Xbox as a computer this generation.

More nitpicking: The rumor says the games won't be on cartridge, but that it sounds like that may be some kind of storage device, instead. Xbox 2 will likely have either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray capabilities that the games will use. Considering Blu-Ray is developed by Sony, my money is on HD-DVD. However, you're right that there'll be no backward compatibility due to the fact that Xbox 2 is using completely different hardware and an ATI card rather than an NVIDIA card this time out.

Finally, those screenshots are damn nice, but I'll believe it when I see it. I remember some of the preliminary stuff that came out for the PS2 and the Xbox, and the early leaked screen shots are almost never realistic. However, there's no doubt the machine is going to be monstrously powerful and I wouldn't be surprised to see those type of graphics on it later on in its lifecycle.

Okay, now I'll shut up. I just love talking game consoles. :)

Posted by: Joel Caris at February 1, 2005 07:03 AM

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