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April 15, 2005

Unprecedented combination popping cancer update and brain candy.

Today's poem comes from a writer named Michael Lidington.

It will never appear in Norton, it won't win any awards and, quite frankly, it's not all that well-written when one compares it to some of the classic poems we post here at Popping Culture.

The thing is, when he wrote the poem, Michael was a child. A child with cancer. After a doctor told Michael there was nothing more she could do for him, and left the room in tears, Michael said to his mother, "I never want to be a doctor."

"Why not, Michael?" his mother asked

"Because I never want to have to tell that to a child."

After his cancer went into remission, he wrote the following poem, called "I Won!!!":

The cancer's gone, I'm free once more;
I've decided not to walk through the door.
I'll leave this place when the time is right;
Be it during the day or late at night,
But if I'm not ready, then count on a fight!

My family and friends have helped me through;
A lot of the time, not knowing what to do.
If they only know I'd do the same for them;
They'd understand they're MY life's precious gems.

No one will ever quite understand,
The pain which feeds the pen in my hand.
I know they would,
They wish they could,
But until they do I'm alone in this land.

It's time for my life to get a move on;
To break away from the plague I've carried so long.
It's time for me to live again;
To pull my life around this bend.

Thank you those who worried so;
But I'm not going to die, (I told you so!).

To those who need it, take my hand;
I'll guide you through this savage land.

Michael wrote another poem of note, as well. He wrote it after his cancer came back some time later. It was written for his brother to read at his funeral and contains an important message.

He titled it "Dare":

Twas not there a time,
When a man could be a man?
When a woman could be a woman?
And either one could live without the world?

I see a world with disaster foretold;
I live in a fantasy from times of old
People don't care for silks or gold
No-one's evil, no-one's on parole

I came into this strange world, not knowing up from down,
It's a world of independence where people need to love.
Do what I have done, and challenge the world
Take nothing for granted, and know where you're going

Let go of all your physical restraints, don't rely on anything
This material world won't make it without the love of God.
Many people care for you or else they wouldn't be here for you
Trust me, anything is better than no-one

Wipe your tears, I'm having fun.
Do what I did and accept the challenge of your life.
You see, I beat the challenge. I won.
Soon, I'll be in a better place of no hate or disease

I'm always with you, so I don't want to see one tear on your face
You can beat the world,
So challenge it. I DARE YOU.

Michael Charles Lidington died peacefully at home. He was fifteen years old. At his funeral, he had the last word.

My point all along about this cancer thing is not that you beat it, or that you kill the tumors. It's that you live while you're alive.

(Poems quoted from How to Live Between Office Visits by Bernie Siegel, M.D.)

Posted by Dan at April 15, 2005 09:12 PM

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