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June 05, 2005

Here's a cause I can get behind!

Stop pre-movie advertisements!

I'm not talking about the movie previews. I LIKE the movie previews!

I'm talking about paying closer and closer to 10 bucks for a movie ticket, that again for snacks and then having to sit through a Coca-Cola commercial that's probably run on television already before you get to see the movie you paid for. Then another ad.

I PAID for a PRODUCT. Give me that product. Just because you have me in a seat in the dark with my cash in your hand doesn't mean you can toss up anything you want while I'm held hostage.

Click the link above. They have some good ideas.

Posted by Dan at June 5, 2005 03:34 PM

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I used to work at a movie theater. I was a box-office cashier, so I know firsthand that the profit margins of most movie houses are ASTRONOMICAL already. They don't NEED the advertising. They just WANT more money.

Do you have any conception of how much your popcorn / soda costs in raw form? We're talking pennies. They sell it to you for close to $10. It's true that studios are charging higher fees for prints of movies, but not nearly high enough to warrant the continual ticket price increases. Still, that's the nature of the business-see how much they can gouge. But the ads before the movies, to me, are going way too far. I agree that if I wanted to see commercials ON TOP of previews, I could stay home and go to Blockbuster. It gets to the point where it's an insult to intelligence, really.

Posted by: beth at June 6, 2005 10:42 AM

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