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June 10, 2005

Jay Leno Makes Everything Better

(Posted by Joel)

I've found Katie Holmes to be quite attractive for awhile now, so it generally weirded me out when I heard that she was dating Tom Cruise. It just seemed very wrong. Which appears to have become the general consensus as I keep noticing headlines like, "What's Wrong With Tom?" which I suppose isn't the most desirable publicity.

Apparently, then, the solution to this is to go crack jokes with Leno or Letterman. I guess that gets you off the hook.

I didn't realize until reading that article, though, that Tom Cruise had gone on Oprah and jumped up and down on her couch due to his excitement at hooking up with Katie Holmes. Now, if I had been the one going out with her, then that seems like it would be an appropriate reaction. But for Mr. Cruise, it seems a bit more strange. Maybe that's just me, though.

As for Russell Crowe . . . he seemed so nice and calm on The Daily Show. But perhaps the South Park guys weren't too far off the mark when they did their portrayal of Crowe a couple years back.

Update: Free Katie. Oh, and, did she actually say, "He's kind, he's generous, he's smart, he's Tom Cruise"? Like the man needs his ego fed even more.

And I promise, I'll try to avoid making all my posts about topics that are already horribly overwrought and overdone and that you all are likely sick of hearing about.

Posted by Joel at June 10, 2005 05:20 AM

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