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December 03, 2005

Another Blast From The Past

A few weeks ago, Julie (you're on the interweb, Julie!) helped me bring down all of the boxes from the attic so I could start sorting through all of the junk Danny and I moved with us from Chesapeake to Richmond to Bowling Green back to Richmond to Louisville to Boardman to Youngstown. Needless to say, it's a lot of junk. But I've also found some very interesting items that Danny kept. So prepare yourselves for some good Danny stories accompanied by visual aids in the next few weeks.

Here's the first one, with accompanying explanation. You know how, at theme parks these days, they put cameras at strategic parts of some of the rides so they can sell you a "souvenir" in an attempt to empty your wallet of it's entire contents? Well, one day when we were dating, we ventured to King's Dominion in Richmond with our friends Jim, Bonnie, and Scott. We were having a great time riding rides and suddenly Danny became obsessed with finding a roll of Mentos. (Mentos are becoming a theme on this blog.) After searching all of the high-priced gift shops, we finally found them, thinking that Danny's need for refreshment had been fulfilled. He, however, had other plans. Shortly after this important acquisition, Danny, Jim, Scott, and I decided to ride The Hurler in the Wayne's World section of the park. We had already ridden it that day, so it was, as Linda Richman would say, "no big whoop." Jim, Scott, and I innocently waited in line and took our seats on the ride. We were thrilled by the speed of the coaster and the wind in our hair. Then, as we approached the point at which the camera was located, something very odd happened. Danny reached into his pocket and produced . . . the roll of Mentos! He had planned for this moment for hours, literally. The time or two we had already been on The Hurler that day were simply reconnaisance to him to locate the camera. And what we thought was certainly madness in seeking out that darn roll of Mentos did, indeed, possess a method.

While the rest of us were raising our hands and smiling big, goofy smiles or giving the camera the finger, Danny was one-upping us with his signature cleverness.

Of course, we had to buy the photo. I'm glad we did.


Posted by Stephanie at December 3, 2005 12:39 PM

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