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January 21, 2007

Colts stage Super rally


"INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- A comeback, a drive, a legacy. And, yes -- finally -- Peyton Manning gets his Super Bowl trip. So does Tony Dungy."

"The Colts coach will face the Chicago Bears and his good friend Lovie Smith in Miami in two weeks. Together they are the first black coaches to make the Super Bowl in its 41 years."

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January 11, 2007

Beckham heads for L.A. in $1 million a week deal


Will the U.S. finally join the rest of the world in it's soccer fever, or will we continue to put up with this crap.

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January 09, 2007

Public Service Announcement

I received an e-mail today that read as follows:

"Bank of America online Suspension

In an effort to protect your Bank of America account security, we have suspended your account until such time that it can be safely restored by you.

We have taken this action because your Bank of America online account may have been compromised, Sometimes this happens when members respond to tropans,worms and other effected virus files. Although we cannot disclose our investigative procedures that led to this conclusion, Please note that we took this action in order to maintain the safety of your account.

To complete our activation process for your account restoring access,please click here:
https://sitekey.bankofamerica.com /sas/signon.do


Bank of America online Security Department.
Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender
© 2006 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved."

There was a very official-looking BOA logo at the top. The subject line read "Verify Your Account Due To Inactivity." Even though my account had not been inactive for more than a day, I was curious about this because I was recently issued a new card with a new account number and wondered if something could have gone wrong when they switched my account over. I clicked on the link and was taken to this website: http://gina.miss-becky.net/.sys/bankofamerica/online_bofa_banking/e-online-banking/update.html. (I'm not suggesting you go there.) It was asking me questions about my online account even though I've never set up online banking with BOA. Then I noticed that the web address seemed a little off. Why would Bank of America's address begin with "gina.miss-becky.net"? So I called BOA and was told that many, many people send out e-mails with forms requesting lots of personal information so they can use your credit card information to rip you off. They said they would never send an e-mail out and would never request that information over the internet (which is kind of what I thought to begin with).

So anyhoo, I just thought I'd pass this info along. I can't imagine how many people actually do get scammed by stuff like this.

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January 07, 2007

How's that song go? . . .

What is it that Tigger's do?

Oh yeah, they smack kids in the face and touch them inappropriately.


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Pet Christmas

Today we celebrated Pet Christmas. The cats received a joint Christmas gift and they all seemed to enjoy it. Roxy received two new squeaky toys and some delicious peanut-buttery treats.

Nothing brings the family together like a new Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher with fresh catnip.


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Cat fight!


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Is it dead?


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January 06, 2007

Introducing . . .

Swedish artist, Jens Lekman. Never heard of him? You probably never will again, unless it's from me.

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January 03, 2007

Toyota creating alcohol detection system

"TOKYO - Toyota Motor Corp. is developing a fail-safe system for cars that detects drunken drivers and automatically shuts the vehicle down if sensors pick up signs of excessive alcohol consumption, a news report said Wednesday."

Dang! How are celebrities going to get in the news now?

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Get off my back.

This is what my Christmas tree currently looks like. You think I got time to post? Sheesh!


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